For this project i wanted to use the word “Chaotic”. I used cable wires because wires is the first thing that comes in mind when i think of chaos as it always strangles and causes a mess but i wanted the wires to be neat in my image.

I researched different ways i could approach this project.

My first try was an extreme fail i tried tying the words and locking them together, it didn’t look satisfying at all.

I wanted to further my research so i found out about “cable management”.

Sadly it didn’t work out as the wires are too thin and it was extremely hard to bend and keep a straight line to follow the font. There was a lot of spacing between the wires and the cable management even though i tried and experimented with every size. The spacing made it impossible for the wires to stand still.

Also the needle refuses to hammer into the MDF wood and keeps on coming out.

In order to follow the exact font “Univers LT Std 39 Thin Ultra condensed” i thought there was only one way which was to use a glue gun and of course a wire cutter

I want to work on the spacing between the letters and do something creative.


Design Methods and Process

My object was gloves, for my 100 things i focused a lot on middle eastern woman and the abaya gloves, for my final poster i wanted to do something inspired by that.


The story behind my idea was i wanted to represent a middle eastern woman taking off her gloves and the words that would usually get thrown at her if she does so.

The sentence i wanted on the hand was

“غطي تفسك يا بنت” which basically translates for “cover your hands lady”.

First attempt

My first attempt was not a very successful one, the image was too zoomed out, the gloves wont show, the hands were too small and the writing on the hand was not interesting.

The photos were not interesting as well..

I tried mapping to make it look more unique and curved along side the hand but it still looked basic and didn’t satisfy me.

Second attempt

For my second attempt i wanted to focus more on making the gloves stand out as it is my main object, i also wanted to take better images, i asked my friend to model for me the the images turned out much better.

This is the image i settled for, i had to zoom in and center it.

One problem i struggled with is the gloves wont stand out especially after printing so i had to use photoshop to edit the image, i also made the hands darker because i feel like they looked too light.

For the text in the hand i wanted to experiment with something textured, related to a middle eastern woman and made sense so i decided to experiment with henna. I can honestly say trying to master my Arabic handwriting using henna was extremely hard.

I had to experiment and practice so many times.

After spending an entire day with henna all over my hand and face, i finally was able to perfect it (i think)…

my first scan

I loved the results of my first scan and wanted to press on the paper and see was happens, i never expected this result but i loved my second scan even more.

My second scan

I loved how the text was fading which made sense behind the whole concept of my idea which is (shutting society up)

After i was satisfied with both my scans i decided to crop and copy and paste the textures and play around with it. I had to make a lot of changes, i made it less proportional and played around with the size.

The text

For the text i decided to title it “Do whatever you want, woman.”

And a small crossed text with “cover your hands, lady.”

My pre-final poster for the critique


After the critique i got so many advice for my poster from my fellow classmates and professor.

i wanted to focus on 2 main things: the type and adding more stuff relating to the 100 things.

i decided to take two scans from my 100 things to add to the poster:gloves008.jpg

i wanted to fit these two in my poster as it represents western vs eastern. so i made theme come out of the hands.

The type

For the final type i wanted to use Trajan Pro 3 and make the text the same color as the scan of the hand from my 100 things.


My Final Poster


Experimenting with different materials for type

I first used glitter stars but i wasn’t really satisfied with the outcome as it looked a bit basic but it showed the font which i liked.IMG_0237.JPG

one thing i really liked is using coffee, the super glue smudged the coffee which gave it an amazing effect even though it was a mistake. It also showed the font almost perfectly. The coffee also showed an amazing rough/sandy texture which i loved.IMG_0233.JPGIMG_0234.JPG

one other thing i used was mini cotton balls, but a huge mistake i made was using the experiment with white paper as the outcome didn’t really show properly. IMG_0236.JPG


Equation & Word Image, Image Word

i was extremely picky to choose my 3 images from my 100 things for the equations.

I first started with reduction and elaboration in which i chose a book as my main object. For reduction i decided to display an image of tree since this is what books are made out of, it’s a very simple and obvious way to show reduction. As for elaboration i chose to display an image of a library since if the idea of books expanding this is the first thing that comes in mind. The original image of the hand holding the book was a painting i made for my 100 things.equation.jpg

As for the lateral and metaphorical i chose danger as my image which represented a man holding a gun. For metaphorical i chose a danger sign which is a classic yellow triangle with a skeleton in the middle. For literal i wanted to use an image of some kind of wild animal, i chose the image of the tiger as it showed anger and everyone knows how dangerous tigers are. The main gun image was also a water painting i made for the 100 things that represented a thief’s hand.equation copy.jpg

My final 3 for the equation was abstract and concrete. The image i chose was pain, which represented a bruised man, i originally created this painting the pair it with boxing gloves. For abstract i chose a broken heart as it is not literally a broken heart, many people use this phrase but our heart never literally breaks and its just an expression. For concrete i chose an image of a woman giving birth that it is known to literally be one of the worst and most physically painful things a person can go through.


The first Word Image Image Word i did was Order/Chaos. For that i chose the earth from my 100 things and decided to pair it with an image that represented a chaotic and destroyed earth. “order” represented what earth should look like with a lot of green and clear blue ocean while “chaos” represented fire.wordimageimageword.jpg

For my second Word Image Image Word i wanted to do Eastern/Western where i wanted to show the stereotypical difference. i got the image of the niqabi from my 100 things but wanted to digitally change it because it wasn’t really working hand-drawn and i wanted it to look as realistic as possible so i can pair it with the western woman.wordimageimageword copy.jpg



This is how it looked turning my hand drawing into a digital, in my opinion it looks much better.


For the final i decided to use a thick black boarder and use a razor blade to accurately cut it.


The Type project was really difficult at first but once i got the hang of it i found it extremely fun and easy to work with. i loved experimenting with different letters and fonts.

The biggest struggle was trying to make it 50% black and 50% white and that we had limited amount of fonts to use. Cutting the paper without cutting the black square was also a struggle.

To make the images visually appealing i tried to find the unique design in every letter and use that to show the letters. Especially with different fonts..

The arabic letters was the hardest to work with because it had a lot of spaces and similar designs unlike the latin letters which each had its own unique design with less spaces. Also, the latin letters were easier as there are a lot of lines but the arabic letters had a lot of curves.

I learned a lot in this project especially that each font can change the letters slightly but can also make a big different visually.

Also when we hung up the outcome we all saw the different letters hung together looked like a continuous art piece.



My object was gloves, i researched a lot of different types of gloves and what its used for. I used a lot of things like glue gun to give a see-through plastic glove effect, i used foam balls, sand, sugar, one of the weirdest things i did was leave a lollypop outside and trap the ants that ate them.

I wanted contrast and variety on my work, i also wanted to give a lot of my experiments a realistic effect but also wanted to go for an animated artistic approach. i want to experiment with different medias and textures for next time.

During this project i learned that i could use almost anything to make art and i shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes because the mistakes i make can end up looking better than the original idea.