Darna Project and Packaging

Over the past few weeks, the things I learned helped me improve remarkably as a graphic designer. I learned the difference between CMYK and RGB, how to deal with print vendors, how to print any packaging without guidelines, I also learned how they create Varnish on packaging and The difference between Vector and Raster Images. On our trip to The Sharq Printing Press, I saw how all the magic happens, they have a machine for almost everything (printing, folding, stickers, books, etc…).

The Darna Project 

As any group project, we had many ups and downs, a lot of agreements as well as disagreements, I had to learn to make the best out of any situation. Our Concept is very interesting following a very cultural approach with a twist. As a high-end restaurant, I was able to experiment on how I could make it show, by creating laser-cut packaging as well as my glass with gold, coffee packaging. I learned to create very interesting Islamic patterns and well as experimenting with different fonts.


For my final Packaging, I decided to create a Darna Bag, I went after this approach because I wanted to do something you wouldn’t usually see at any restaurant which is to take the Darna logo icon and use it as the bag’s handle. The Islamic Pattern was used on the outside as well as the inside of the package.




For my Collateral I decided to do a Darna Cold Arabic Coffee using a glass packaging with a Gold lid, For the Coffee Packaging I printed out two stickers one is for the glass and one is for the lid. I also did a Darna Business Card with the patterns I created for the back.

IMG_6776 2.jpeg



Design manual draft

This is the layout I did for the design manual, I still didn’t choose how I’m going to add the colors as its slightly hard to work with the color schemes and still make it match the design itself. I’m satisfied with the typography and the layout I created for the manual but I still need to add all the content and work more on the design of the manual itself.

design manual

Flaws Book Cover

flaws book cover

For my book cover, I had a lot of fun as I experimented with so many materials to come up with my final results. I first started with the word “Confront” and experimented with a lot of materials that relate to the word. I thought working with mirrors/metallics would make sense as it is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word.

The best effect was getting a metallic paper and make the letters out of foil, it gave it a very 3D effect and I also wanted to experiment with lighting. I made the image Black & White and worked a lot with the contrast and the lighting using photoshop. The word I made was “flaws” because when I first hear the word confront I think of “Confronting my Flaws”, it has a very deep and meaningful meaning behind it.

The overall outcome was visually appealing to me, I am pleased with the effect that foil with light gave me. The book title is perfect. I couldn’t find a lot of information behind the book but I was able to make it seem as interesting as possible.

Everything is going to be Okay – Design form and communication

This book is detected to help those kids from the age of 12 to 24 that suffer from abuse here in the middle east. The whole aim of the book is to motivate them to become stronger and help them deal with it.

The book is a total of 18 pages, both in Arabic and English. The title is called “Everything is going to be Okay”. I started the book with the most important message “First things first, understand how strong you are, you will survive, you will get through this, you will be happy. This is all temporary.”

I printed important reminders and posted them on post-it notes. Each post-it note had a different message and I asked the reader to post a post-it note on the mirror every day this is a known technique to help with self-love and confidence.

I made a to-do list page, to remind the reader there are many fun things you can do at home to distract yourself after that I gave the reader the option to create their own to do list.

I added a few quotes with Arabic translations that I know the reader wants to hear.

I wanted the reader to know that they are loved even if it’s not inside the household and they can always pick up the phone and call a close friend when they are feeling down.

Since the target audience is middle eastern kids I added a watch list full of hilarious Arabic plays which make every middle eastern kid laugh.

I ended the book with both an Arabic and English quote that says “you are loved, don’t hurt yourself”.

My final Outcome:




We were supposed to combine the final sentence, logo and paragraph into the final poster.

i decided to go with this logo as it was my favorite.

letter 1.png

This is the paragraph i wanted to go for because it perfectly described the chaotic situation and it was the best one out of the final paragraphs.


This is the final sentence i wanted to go for.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 11.23.38 PM.png

After looking at the final image and tried to combine everything i was too afraid to take risks so i went for an approach that was too safe. This is what i came up with.

chaotic draft for blog.jpg

i wasn’t satisfied with the outcome and after the critique i found out why. everything is in the corners which made it look boring. the black text made the poster look dull and slightly unreadable. the sentence and logo aren’t following a specific path and finally the logo was too big. The main problem was the placement of everything

So for my final i decided to fix all the mistakes, the sentence is following the hammer’s path and the logo is following the other hammer’s path while the sentences is perfectly placed on the wires.

Here is my final poster.

final chaotic poster.jpg


About our project:

                  The intention behind this exhibition experience is to allow audience members to experience the difference between reality and heaven. Inspired by the featurette The Red Balloon, the exhibition will integrate two different experiences. The first will involve a challenge in which audience members will have to pop a giant red balloon using darts. However, this challenge will be harder than audience members may expect given that the darts’ tips will be treated so they are not sharp. The second experience will involve a small enclosed space; there will be two walls and curtains; there will also be projectors for recreating a realistic sky. The idea is to make the audience believe that they are inside of The Red Balloon movie and actually flying.

It is important to note that The Red Balloon is a featurette that uses the red balloon as a symbol of dreams and how there will always be people who will seek to puncture said dreams. During the exercise of throwing darts at the red balloon, an attempt will be made to (symbolically)show to the audience that dreams are meant to be strong to withstand adversity if they are ever to materialize into reality. The symbolism of dreams will only be further stressed in the exhibition’s second experience. The intention will be to make the audience believe that they are flying, very much in the same way that people feel they are flying when they are dreaming (and also when they are making their dreams come true).


at first we built the L shaped walls and covered them in fabric to create 2 rooms we also painted the walls black from the outside and added black carpets to match.

After that we wanted to start with the design so we added fake clouds. Part of the design was using projectors and balloons. We borrowed projectors and i edited a video that makes the viewer experience realistic clouds and the feeling of flying.

Here is the video i made with a calming piano soundtrack that the projectors are going to display.

I got giant balloons just like the ones in the movie they were extremely hard to find.

For the first “pop the balloon” challenge we got darts but i took the darts to the jewelry shop to remove the sharpness of the darts for it to make it slightly harder for the audience to pop the balloon.

i made the text with the “impact” font and i used illustrator to make an illustration of the red balloon to place it next to “pop the balloon” text and i used a sticker machine to make it easily stick to the wall.

We spray painted one of the fans white so it can blend with the room.

I got colored balloons inspired by the last seen so each person can leave with a balloon and i cut the stings short so it does not effect the projectors or cover the film or get stuck to the fans.

I was extremely proud and satisfied with the final outcome because not only did we let people experience the movie but we got to see them have so much fun doing so too. Everyone was so competitive during the “pop the balloon” challenge and they were screaming inside because the felt the wind and the flying balloons.

TYPE – Paragraph

For my paragraph I decided since the word I chose is chaotic I wanted the paragraph to relate so I chose lyrics from the song “chaotic” by Britney spears.

“There’s too much of this noise. Boy, let’s get a seat so you can talk sweet to me. I see these other boys. Won’t you get me on the dance floor? Kinda like to buy me drinks. Movin’ so sexy. Kinda wonderin’ how we can have some fun. So don’t be shy. Baby just enjoy what’s on your mind, party and have a good time. It’s getting hectic in here. It’s getting chaotic. I’m rockin’ and rollin’. No stoppin’. We goin’ ‘til it’s over. Do you like the way I rock it? Boy I think it’s so chaotic.”


We were asked to do 20 A4s and A3s at first, I really did know how to make it look visually appealing and readable at first. I wanted it to look neat and professional so I made the mistake of squaring all my paragraphs so it looks as neat as possible. It did not only end up looking boring but also it was so hard to read as you were usually not sure when the sentence ends and when the new sentence starts. Your eyes doesn’t automatically know where to go next.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.39.57 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.39.21 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.39.37 PM.png








Learning from my first critique I didn’t want to make the same mistake again so I played around with it more. I thought maybe if I break the paragraphs apart it is going to make the reader want to read it and easy to read, it will also be easy to tell the reader where to go next. They looked much better but there were still minor mistakes that made a big difference such as the placement of the paragraphs and how I broke it apart. Also I wasn’t sure about the type face and needed to make them all less bald

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.43.23 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.44.17 PM.png


for my final i changed the placement, type face and decided to break it up, make it look easy for the reader’s eyes i want it to look and feel chaotic so when i look at the paragraph my eyes go back and forth from the beginning of the sentence till the end of the sentence. i used the font “palatino” and i wanted to work on the leading so it would not look too messy. i also needed to work on the size of the paragraph and not make it too big or too small. These are my final A4 and A3.